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do you know this guy ? I think that he is monsterkill can someone check it ? i saw once on etpub server flash who were asking member of BeL to unban him on BeL server thats why I think hes monsterkill

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just seen him on hardcore, asked him where he is from, said israel, just what monster put on application, and asks me not to kill him, just like monster did, it's him.



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yes for sure he is it
Pushing teammates down from roofs and walls and always crying don't kill me

bloody bastard

some idiots never understand how funny it could be to play with nice players course they are far away from being nice
best way to handle this sort of assholes ignore and ban
only my 2 cents



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Hahaha he's back is he?

Last time I saw him he started begging me not to ban him, and I told him just to stfu and play and I wouldn't, then he started pming me asking for advice on how to get into the clan, he was like, "I'm gonna change my etkey and ip and make a new account on forums then do u think i can become admin???"

I was laughing my ass off by then, didn't do anything about it coz I really did want to see if he would pull through... looks like he did. But er, maybe it's time to end his fantasy now... :sarc

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