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Forum Rules:

The following rules are enforced on our forums by our moderators.
1. No excessive swearing/cursing/lewdness in any language.
2. No posting of pornographic/sexist material.
3. No spamming by repeatedly posting the same thing or bumping dead topics for no particular reason.
4. No advertising or recruiting.
5. No posting of cheat related links, web page or download links.
6. No multiple/account creation. If we ever find that you have multiple accounts we will delete all your seconday accounts keeping the primary one so that you are allowed to voice your opinion. But if you have just created multiple accounts for spamming, cursing and abusing then you will be banned and all your accounts will be deleted.
7. No sharing of accounts. If we ever find that you are sharing your account with any other users or vice versa, both accounts will be deactivated and even banned. Sharing accounts will be reviewed on case by case basis.
8. Donations, VIP membership and Server payments are non refundable.
9. We reserve the right to revoke our services as we see fit if you are found cheating or abusing our services.
10. Members are solely responsible for their interactions with other members. We reserve the right, but have no obligation to monitor and/or mediate disputes between members, active or banned.
11. Pirated Software Links to cracked games or stolen software is strictly prohibited on our forums. Fearless Assassins is not responsible for legal actions that result from your violations.