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why i dont play so much now the reason i will share it

Posted by Be Act!vity in Be Act!vity's Blog, 24 January 2015 - - - - - - · 140 views

sorry I play few
but after my car accident on 14.12.2014. car totally lost.
my airbag has opened on my hand
and my hand get a operation .
but I have a lot of pain in my arm and my hand .
but I am present

I hope you can understand it I feel really
bad at. because i love to frag and have some fun my right arm is the best arm i can use

my car accident s...

Am I actually 19??!?!!

Posted by FireWienie in FireWienie's Blog, 23 January 2015 - - - - - - · 125 views
birthday beats, 19

As some of you know, today is my birthday! I am now officially 19! This year has been amazing, one of the best actually, and I want to share with you guys all the stuff I had gone through and all of my friends in the F|Amily who had helped me go through the way!

So one if the biggest events was the day I had graduated high school! It was amazing, I was w...

Freedom by Exact.

Posted by Exact. in Freedom by Exact., 23 January 2015 - - - - - - · 101 views
freedom, speech, religion and 4 more...

My first and probably last blog. I’m writing this with all the wars and problems of the world in mind, like Gaza, like Ukraine and many more. Conflicts in different places, nearby or far away. Terrorism in your own country and countries anywhere. I think, problems are everywhere. But did you ever think about how they occurred? Or better, how to stop them?...

=F|A= Year End Review

Posted by Chameleon in Chameleon's Blog, 17 January 2015 - * * * * * · 232 views

Well, another years has quickly shot by me/us and we are now starting a whole new year. Sometimes it seems I have been a part of this community, and sometimes it is like I just got here. Now I don't say it feels like I have been here forever because it's like a relationship you want out of so bad, but more because it really feels like a family. There hav...

Just a quick note

Posted by GOGO in The Scribbles of a Madman , 15 January 2015 - - - - - - · 113 views

To the few that might be interested in where I am and to the majority of you people, that randomly got here in your boredom:

GOGO is bussy! That's all really... You didn't expect more, did you? :D Plus, I have never kept a blog before... but the idea intrigued me. So, maybe with the passage of time I will start scribbling on the blank spaces of this as-o...

Welcome to Skylark's Blog!

Posted by Skylark159 in Skylark159's Blog, 15 December 2014 - * - - - - · 202 views

Hi there guys and Welcome to Skylark's Blog!
Here you will know a bit about me , Some awesome tutorials on different maps, and more So Stay with us!

Enjoy! :D

I'm Glad I Grew Up as an Only Child

Posted by Taborham Lincoln in The Adventures of Taborham Lincoln, 24 November 2014 - - - - - - · 281 views

As you can tell by the title I was an only child. Oddly enough when someone asks "do you have any siblings?" and I reply with "No I was an only child" I get a very negative reaction. People always tend to think I should be lonely, sad, or I've missed something. Don't get me wrong the thought of a big brother to run around with sounded appealing as a ki...

Catch up with flash

Posted by Yellow Flash in Yellow Flash's Epic journey, 10 November 2014 - * * * * * · 311 views

It has been a while since I last wrote blog so i thought why not give you guys something to read and little catch up on me why I was afk for almost 6 months.

So about 10 months ago me and my friends started company named Caffeine Overdose Oy what we do? well we wan't to do mobile games and make money with that. But for starters we are looking for any kin...

Movie Review - Interstellar

Posted by rajaah thunder in The ramblings of an internet addict, 08 November 2014 - - - - - - · 290 views

I am having a bad cold today so I guess this will be short . Yesterday me and my school friends organized a get together and then we went to Interstellar . I had been a fan of the Luddite ever since I saw memento . And I have been waiting for this movie since I saw the trailer . Well I ain't surprised to say that I was wowed by the movie . But I am surpr...

Out Of My Foxhole

Posted by LeftWingVixen in LeftWingVixen's Blog, 08 November 2014 - - - - - - · 309 views

[Fair Warning: May include some explicit/personal content.]

I'm not the one to vent my dirty laundry. In fact, I have very few outlets in which I can do so - I'm hoping this can become one of them.
Anxiety has always taken over my life. It killed my grandfather, it put my father out of work for an extended period of time, and I'm sure it'll kill me befor...


Posted by Panth3r in Pantha´s life, 06 November 2014 - * * * - - · 168 views
rl, stress, cop, gl, clan

The start:

This i the first blog i do so be nice :) lol

Hello im coming here to discharge myself published....Every Starts on the Police Academy was a hard year betwn made the hit on be a graduate when they give me my badge and my gun i was proud of myself finnaly i can call me as proud Police oficer after all the work i´ve done for.... The ride in...

Getting older, it's cool..

Posted by Chameleon in Chameleon's Blog, 22 October 2014 - * * * * * · 366 views

It's a weird process, getting older that is. Now don't get me wrong, I don't feel like I am that old, I will only be 41 next month. But in the time I spent here on earth, things sure have changed. I don't mean just things like clothes, or music, or other fads that come and go. I mean more like who I am, and the things I care about, or that are importa...

Charles Freck's Last Mistake

Posted by Ganja. in Ganja.'s Blog, 18 October 2014 - - - - - - · 196 views

Charles Freck, becoming progressively more and more depressed by what was happening around him, decided, finally, to off himself. There was no problem in the circles where he hung out in putting an end to yourself. You just bought a large quantity of downers and took them with some cheap wine. The planning part had to do with the artifacts he wanted foun...

My recent absence

Posted by Sponkala in Sponkala's Blog, 15 October 2014 - * * * * * · 260 views

''Busy; Engaged in activity, as work; occupied.'' -Free dictionary

How most of my days go:
Wake up
Remember to put some clothes on.
Forget to put some clothes on.
Go to morning practice (ice-time 1 and a half hours)
Go to school. (Eat)
Be there for 5 to 6 hours.
Either spend time with friends, go to the gym or go home.
Go to team practice. (Warm up 2...


Posted by RoadKILL in RoadKILL's Blog, 11 October 2014 - - - - - - · 227 views

well who's still here, whos missed Road!!!!

Lost skill of discussion

Posted by ajnl in Blog, 05 October 2014 - - - - - - · 316 views

I'm going to keep this short and to the point.

Have we forgotten the ability to discuss topics, while keeping mutual respect for each other? Many people (it seems like) want to avoid the hard discussions, but why? Well, because they are hard discussions, and generally (it seems like) these discussions turn into a fight or a yelling argument. Once a fight...

Clan Life, Youtube, and Beyond.

Posted by SiD in Brain Chow, 23 September 2014 - - - - - - · 400 views

Clan Shit.


Been a while since I've done a blog. Cleared out the others after some time. Just wanted to give an overall update of what's going on, I guess.

I'm still here and shit. I just don't have that drive right now to be active on server. Got a mad case of burnout from some of the stupid shit on server. I'll try to pitch in now and again wit...

The early years

Posted by Vector in Ktom's Blog, 03 September 2014 - - - - - - · 342 views

The early years Ok so to add to my entry I decided to tell you about my early years. these will be some of my memorable moments in my life, some of which I am not proud about, some I am proud of. I am going to start of with something that I am not proud of because I want to get it out of the way first and I can remember it as if it yesterday. I truly hate myself for some...

Warming up for autumn with Starbucks Italian Roast

Posted by Xernicus in Xernicus' Coffee Blog, 31 August 2014 - - - - - - · 466 views
whole bean, coffee, italian roast

Hey guys, here's an update on my blog of coffees just in time for September, when the leaves begin to turn a brilliant orange, the air becomes crisp and it's time to settle back down into the work routine.

Here's the thing though, the other week I ran out of my usual bean of choice, and I didn't really want to drive in the mess of Seattle traffic just to...

The Chair

Posted by chetrs in Prime's Log Entries : The Return of Apha Trion, 28 August 2014 - - - - - - · 317 views

My ancestors are calling to me everyday. One in particular says to me daily now, "why did I have to make a chair?". Apparently when he was gathering and hunting they didn;t have chairs or beds. He says the chair is the downfall of modern man. I have to agree with him. I mean they did have places to sit, usually the ground or a natural rock formation...

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