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Playing COD4 is not gonna last long

Posted by The Smoke, 10 September 2016 · 777 views

A while back I posted that I was having a problem with my right hand and the muscles in my forearm, well it has gotten worse.
It seems that what ever is going on is really getting aggravated by the use of the mouse button and my index finger. After about
10 minutes of playing my arm will start twitching everytime I press the #1 mouse (shoot) button. If I try to shoot multiple times my
arm will actually jump, causing me to lose the targeting on my enemy. The more I try to lock on and fire, the worse it gets.
I have tried to change to the #2 button but it didn't help. The doctor seems to think the tendons in my hand are injured from an
old motorcycle wreck I had in 1975, and also an accident I had in 6th grade with a glass pipette that I ran through my index and middle finger
while in science class. I injured the tendon in my index finger then and it took a while to heal.
So anyway, I can sit around and camp or I am just going to stop playing all together. Just typing this letter takes a while.
I just wanted to put the truth out there as to why I am not going to be playing much anymore.
I have had two shots, one in my hand/wrist area and the other in my elbow.
The other problem that I have is also causing some of this. I used to be a high school baseball pitcher and I tore two ligaments out of
my right shoulder one night trying to hit 95 mph. I was doing okay until I put a slider motion on the ball and my bicep ligament tore and
then later tore the tricep ligament.
Anyway, it doesn't matter.

Sorry to hear that mate, I hope it gets better. Perhaps you could use your left hand to shoot in the meantime?


Anyway, I hope you do hang around for the chat and fun, if not to play. 

Hey I'll see you around Smoke, hope everything turns out well

smoke buddy how are you doing

I am doing pretty good, Still cant play very long.  I have had the nerves and ligaments worked on some but no real relief.

I wear a brace a lot when I am doing stuff and I have an arm rest that I have to wear for a while when I am sitting. 

Thanks for asking, I appreciate the concern.

I made a play board so I can play longer.  It is two boards at 45 degrees. That way my elbow is bent at 45° and it

eases the pain a lot.  I still have one problem though; when I push the shoot button on the mouse my arm still jumps a little.

So it makes it hard for me to get kills.  But I will get through this. 

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