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Windows Phone and Surface, by Microsoft

Posted by Spaceballs, 18 September 2012 · 860 views

windows phone tablets
Recently, I bought a Nokia Lumia 900. I really thought about it a lot, since the new 920 version with Windows Phone 8 and dual core support. However, I decided not to wait until November for two reasons: Firstly, the newest Nokia 920 will probably be very expensive and secondly, despite all the "not-so-good" reviews for the Lumia 900, it is working just fine and exceeding all my expectations. Prior to Nokia Lumia, I was running everything on my HTC HD2, but the Lumia surpasses it easily in everything that's important to me. I am an advocate of Windows Phone software. The app market is getting new apps every day, more than the android app market, which seems to be a dying section. Windows Phone is smoothly functioning, easy to handle, and performs good. Also, with a Windows Live ID there are pretty much no limits to one's online activity... just naming i.g. Sky Drive.

Now, the new tablet announced by Microsoft, Surface, will probably have a heavy impact on the world of tablets. First and foremost, this new tablet creates anxieties amongst other competitors. The reason for that is that Microsoft will launch this project for a mere 199 US-dollars per tablet (probably). This price is only possible since Microsoft will subsidise this new tablet, in order to take over the market and attract many people, who probably wouldn't buy tablet for 400$+. This low price doesn't mean, however, that the tablet is inferior to others. It will be a very strong opponent for other tablets on the market and DELL as well as HP announced resistance.

Will Apple and Samsung prevail in the future, or will Microsoft rule the world of tablets,...
Interesting: Rumor has it that Microsoft hold about 30% of Apple's stocks since 1997, when Microsoft helped out Apple, which was in a financial crisis. Samsung as well as Apple both have to pay license fees for every device they're selling. In the end, is Microsoft behind all of them, ruling the world literally?

Microsoft will probably not launch the Surface tablet for $199, according to the latest interview with Ballmer: http://seattletimes....tballmer16.html I think it is partially because otherwise no-one would buy a tablet from the OEM brands like Dell, Acer, Asus, etc, but also $200 is not that realistic observing that they will have a quite nice set of hardware. Shame, because I indeed wouldn't buy a tablet for $400, but $200 is worth considering. Especially since I already love WP7 and am currently running Windows 8 as well; awesome :)

Also, "i.e." does not stand for "in example", but for "id est", Latin for "that is". If you would use "in example" as an abbreviation, use "e.g.", which stands for "exempli gratia" and means "for example" :P But so far my Latin skills :P

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