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How to be good at shooting games

Posted by DeliriousKnuckle, 19 August 2012 · 1,353 views

good shhoting games
If you want to be a good player at shooting games all you need to do is focus dont have a whine and say I hate you bla bla bla just man up and jog on and things will go the way you want it

Most interesting blog I've ever read for sure
This blog show strong facts, profesionnal tips and have the tag shhoting.

Greatly recommended for poor skills player like me.

+1 Approved
It's an extremely summarized version of 'playing to win' by David Sirlin

Pity I can't put it into practice because I will always whine :D
I have another tip:

- If you get pissed, don't stop to write a curse word in chat, just bang your mouse and yell it.
I like pizza with ham, pepperoni and salami. Can I have beer with it, pls?
get down with it
Aug 24 2012 09:40 AM
nice blog :D
He have a point, he just forget put word " person " into the title
If you want to be a good player person...
very constructive, im a proshooting now.

Thank you man. lol
Very informative from a female Mind reader perspective. :P
....dafuq is going on here?
lol... it's tough getting shot when you are grabbing your beer :-p

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